For grades K-8, the Eagal Lakes Nature Academy program is designed to encourage exploration and fun in learning. Each program is modeled after specific aspects of California proficiency standards. We have two divisions within our Academy, one which serves school programs and the other division runs when school is not in session, such as spring break or summer vacation.

The goal at Eagal Lakes is to empower the youth with knowledge of the local surroundings, teach them what they can do to protect the wildlife and most importantly, we want the children to have fun and enjoy this unique experience.

Education on the Environment

Eagal Lakes is dedicated to educating children (as well as people of all ages) of the important impact that nature has on our lives and to appreciate its true beauty. Eagal Lakes has been the host to numerous field trips for the local school children, enlightening them on the beauty of nature, and how our impact as conservationists will preserve the trees, plants and animals that we have on our property for years to come. Customize programs to fit your needs!

The environment has played a significant role during the development process of Eagal Lakes. John Eagal has remained committed to the restoration of the property and the establishment of a prominent plant and wildlife existence. It is truly astounding to see the variety of animals at Eagal Lakes, and they would not be able to thrive as well as they do if the habitat they lived in was not flourishing the way it is.

With keeping nature in mind, Eagal Lakes has established 5 miles of nature trails that can be enjoyed by walking, running or mountain biking on them. One of the Eagal Family’s favorite traditions is to walk the trails every New Year’s Day which they say is their favorite time of year due to the serenity and peacefulness of the property during that time.

By doing their part as conservationists, Eagal Lakes has been able to enlighten others on the importance of the environment and how our actions can make a positive or negative impact, but most importantly, Eagal Lakes has been dedicated to having field trips on the property to empower children and give them the necessary knowledge and insight to protect our wildlife.

Environmental Awareness

Since its conception, Eagal Lakes has remained environmentally preserved. Improvements have been made with nature in mind and roadways were created around the natural environment of the trees and waterways. Five miles of nature trails serve to show case the untouched beauty of the surroundings. Eagal Lakes is and will continue to be committed to keeping the environment pure.