As you know, I am a new member and am loving it!  What a wonderful place to walk/train right here in Tracy!  My feet are loving the trails (over the cement where I walked/trained before).

Kathy Krueger

Our family joined Eagal Lakes in the Spring of 2013.  We love all of the activities the lakes have to offer.  Everything from swimming, paddle boating, riding bikes, and fishing.  Our family does it all!!  We love how quiet and relaxing it is with just a short drive from home.  If there’s a concern or problem the owners & staff are always on site to address it!

Kelly Phipps

Well the place is awesome 1 reason why is it is not overly crowded. The other members seems to be very nice along with the staff. I like how they have the trail and a little earth science  summer classes for classes of kids to learn.

Guido Gualco

Our family loves Eagal Lakes because it is clean and safe, with space to do a variety of outdoor activities – even camping and playing by the water!  The mgmt/staff are very friendly, so are the members that we’ve met so far.

Leah Real

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